This asthma children’s book was a project collaboration I did with pediatrician Dr. Bei Bei Chen!

We handed out these free booklets to patients so they could learn about asthma inhalers and when to use them/what symptoms to look out for.

(I was doing my OB/GYN residency at the time and we met randomly at the hospital’s orientation party. I got along so well with those pediatricians that I decided to change residency programs to Family Medicine so I could take care of children too, especially the babies I delivered!)

I have always loved using art for a purpose: to educate, to inspire, to spread love and joy, to open minds and hearts. I don’t spend too long on any one drawing just for aesthetic purposes, though I really admire those who do.

I love finding creative ways to reframe something so that it’s better absorbed and/or remembered. Of course there are certain content I like to teach more than others. I’m in the middle of my own personal project to teach Mandarin Chinese through my comic series “The Adventures of MonkMan“!

If you have an idea and want it illustrated, let’s chat! You can hire me on Fiverr or Upwork (note: this asthma children’s book was not a professional project, so I did not ink my drawings, which is why the outlining and coloring are patchy at times from scanning pencil. The quality of my work would be more like these:)