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Hi, I’m Dr. Toni!

A nomadic physician, cartoonist, sex educator & coach. I empower, educate, and advocate for women, Asian-Americans & children of immigrants from high-pressure backgrounds. I help them honor their families AND themselves too – creating an authentic life of joy, meaning, & “success” on their OWN terms!

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Client Testimonials

“Toni is what you want in a coach. She has a heartwarming, gentle manner with some occasional lighthearted humor that creates an environment of comfort and safety. Talking with Toni is easy and I feel like I can share my honest thoughts and struggles with her, no matter how embarrassing my habits may be. I know I won’t be judged, but rather will be heard and encouraged to chart a new path and supported as I take steps to do so. She strikes a perfect balance between listening, reflecting, inquiring, and advising. I appreciated that she gives clear, directed advice and suggestions. She helped me see opportunities for change that I never thought of, which was exactly what I was hoping for. I highly recommend her services.”

Milan S.

“As someone who’s known Toni for years, the first descriptor that comes to mind is “empowering”. In the face of obstacle after obstacle, I’ve watched Toni refuse to be held back and refuse to let others determine her path. With so many others struggling to find their ways against societal, cultural, and family expectations, we need more people like Toni to act as a stabilizing force and help us find our inner compass. It’s easier to justify the status quo and talk ourselves out of change. For some people, that’s fine. But for those who need to break past that, a partner like Toni on your side makes all the difference in the world. She’s been through it all, and she’s the real deal.”

David S.

Toni radiates love and light. Her incredible kindness, inspiration, compassion, and empathy make her an amazing mentor, coach, cheerleader, and confidante to have in your corner. With her guidance and unwavering support, you can unlock your fullest potential! Our sessions together always left me feeling safe, understood, and energized. During our session together, I experienced several “aha moments,” gaining newfound clarity on my next steps. Toni’s honesty, attentiveness, keen observations, and creative problem-solving offer invaluable insights, helping me see beyond challenges and discover endless possibilities. With newfound confidence, I took action and witnessed tangible results in less than a week! I can’t thank Toni enough for all her help!

Tina C.

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Topics include mental health, medicine, travel, women’s empowerment, Asian culture, social justice, global cultures, nomadism. Guest blog posts are welcome!

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To honor AAPI Heritage & Mental Health month this May, I’ve created the “Tame the Tiger” program. This program was custom made for children of high-pressure backgrounds, such as immigrant families or “Tiger Parents,” to reconnect with self-love & unconditional worthiness. WHAT IS THE TAME THE TIGER PROGRAM? This is […]
Summary: Reflections from my unexpected visit of my parents due to a new health scare). I’m writing this on the plane back to Thailand. I had made an unexpected trip back to the US to visit and help out my mom with her new unexpected health scare.(I had gone to […]