My signature programs include 1) Tame the Tiger for recovering High Achievers to detox from Tiger Parenting & create success on their OWN terms and 2) Sacred Sex Ed for women to reclaim their body sovereignty & sensuality.

I specialize in Relationships and can work 1:1, or 2:1 with couples or family members (I’m a graduate from the Center for Thriving Relationships.)

The goal of coaching is to facilitate the client(s) to become the person they most want to be–the most authentic, confident & vibrant version of themselves.

If you are confused about what coaching is or would like to experience how we might work together, apply for a free sample coaching session here.

“I’ve worked with Toni for 2 years now – this woman CHANGES LIVES!! She nomaded in town for only 2 months but left a lasting impact. She was the first person who helped me feel safe to be fully myself, which I had never experienced before in my 50+ years on this earth. Before that, I had always felt too much or not enough and felt so much shame about myself, my body, my desires, almost everything. Toni radiates such a warm, nurturing, tender energy that envelopes you and makes you feel so seen, known, empowered and safe. She is also scientific, grounded, and full of practical wisdom and advice. I can’t recommend her enough.”

-J.L., Colorado
(intuitive energy healer)

As a coach, it’s really clear that Toni cares deeply about her clients. She approaches her work from a place of genuine concern, paying close attention to and holding space for her client’s story. I was really impressed by her attention to detail; her determination in helping brainstorm ideas went above and beyond the level of engagement I’ve seen from other coaches I’ve worked with. Rather than being told what to do, it felt like I had someone on my side who could help me untangle a challenging situation. Her compassion, thoughtfulness, and creativity all shine through.

–K.Y., Taiwan
(ex-engineer to writer & nomad)

“Toni radiates love and light. Her incredible kindness, inspiration, compassion, and empathy make her an amazing mentor, coach, cheerleader, and confidante to have in your corner. With her guidance and unwavering support, you can unlock your fullest potential! Our sessions together always left me feeling safe, understood, and energized. During our session together, I experienced several “aha moments,” gaining newfound clarity on my next steps. Toni’s honesty, attentiveness, keen observations, and creative problem-solving offer invaluable insights, helping me see beyond challenges and discover endless possibilities. With newfound confidence, I took action and witnessed tangible results in less than a week! I can’t thank Toni enough for all her help!”

–T.C., Toronto, Canada
(government employee + nomadic entrepreneur)

“Toni is what you want in a coach. She has a heartwarming, gentle manner with some occasional lighthearted humor that creates an environment of comfort and safety. Talking with Toni is easy and I feel like I can share my honest thoughts and struggles with her, no matter how embarrassing my habits may be. I know I won’t be judged, but rather will be heard and encouraged to chart a new path and supported as I take steps to do so. She strikes a perfect balance between listening, reflecting, inquiring, and advising. I appreciated that she gives clear, directed advice and suggestions. She helped me see opportunities for change that I never thought of, which was exactly what I was hoping for. I highly recommend her services.”

-M.S., New Hampshire
(burned-out family doctor)

“Toni is a great life coach and I encourage everyone to reach out to her. I came in not really knowing what I wanted, just that I was generally unhappy. She was a great listener and asked all the right questions to help me get to the roots of my discontent. She then helped me to prioritize important things in my life, explore potential solutions, and work towards them with clear goalposts along the way. The entire process had a very friendly and soothing vibe; I didn’t feel judged, just understood. From all of this, I gained the courage to take uncomfortable steps towards self improvement. Once again, everyone, please give this miracle worker a try–your life can only get better.”

-D.M., California
(grad student who just wants to finish)

“Getting coaching and advice was completely new to me, and I wasn’t sure what to expect when I reached out to Toni. But I want to thank her for making the experience absolutely wonderful. She listened without any judgment and had this way of making me feel truly heard while staying neutral. What amazed me was her attention to detail; even if I rambled during the session, she would organize everything by the end and send it as a recap email. She also gave me lots of great suggestions and resources to explore after each session. Toni’s professionalism is really impressive, and I’m so grateful for her.”

-J.N., Singapore
(communications specialist)

It was a delight to have a session with Toni. I went into the session without much expectation and came out with lots of unexpected, fascinating insights. Toni was easy to talk to. Her warmth and lively energy allowed me to feel comfortable and safe to share thoughts that I hadn’t shared with others. I am grateful for the time we spent exploring my patterns. Thank you, Toni.

— VL, Germany (visual practitioner, long-term migrant)

Working with Toni helped me to not only reconnect with my true self and let my inner light shine, but also gave me the right tools to build better relationships. Toni’s positive approach and genuine insight gave me the confidence I needed to accomplish my personal and professional goals. I’m deeply grateful for my experience working with Toni. She has inspired me to be committed to being my authentic self and cultivating more dynamic relationships.

-J.R., Colorado
(product resources manager)

“Toni is an absolutely amazing and supportive life coach. She has been where her clients are and truly takes the time to understand us! She is a great listener and provides meaningful insights. Toni has encouraged me to grow and helped push me out of my comfort zone. She assists me in coming up with creative solutions to my roadblocks and helps me stay hopeful when things look hard. Toni’s passion for her work is obvious and her dedication to clients unrivaled.”

-A.J., Michigan
(from burned-out corporate employee to world traveler with passive income from her own business!)

“Toni is absolutely an amazing life coach! I’ve known Toni way before she started her coaching career and she demonstrates all important qualities to be a wonderful life coach. Toni always actively listens, tries to truly understand the client as a person, and she has the ability to see things beyond surface and provides constructive advice that addresses the root causes of a problem. She consistently helps me look at things in a way that I never thought of before, and I feel absolutely comfortable opening up to her about any issues I have. Toni not only inspires me, but also helps me come up with my own solutions to my problems and develop a way of thinking and toolkit that allows me to overcome challenges that may occur in the future. But what I am most grateful for is the way she treats people. She emits so much positivity, fun and happiness for people around her. I highly recommend Toni as a life coach.”

-Y.W., Colorado
(from toxic work culture to landing her dream job in economic development)

“Toni’s accepting energy makes it very easy for me to share openly and wholeheartedly. That’s one of the most important ingredients that makes a great coach. Not only is she very enthusiastic and curious about what I have to say, she also listens very attentively. She guides me with thoughtful questions that allow me to think for myself, which in turn empowers me to generate my own answers. She also offers alternative perspectives which helped tremendously for my own self acceptance. Toni also made sure I have practical takeaways and action steps to ensure I am benefiting from every session. I am thankful for Toni for her warmth, guidance and walking her talk as an unconventional Asian!”

-C.L., Toronto, Canada
(from flight attendant to entrepreneur)

“Before meeting Toni, the issues I faced included imposter syndrome, performance anxiety, fear of failure, and deep regret about my career choices. After working with Toni, I learned how to pay attention to my gut feelings, identify negative voices in my head and learned techniques to own my own story as well as ways to care less about the judgment of others. This will help me be happier in my life by allowing me to focus on the things that bring me joy and unapologetically being myself. It will also help me judge myself less, compare myself to others less and take control of my life to write my own story instead of it being written for me. What surprised me most about working with Toni is how similar we are and how much her sharing her own story helped me think about how to navigate the issues I’m dealing with in my own life and career.” 

-S.K., Connecticut
(burned out MD, podcaster, DJ, comedian)

“I found Toni to be both professional and positive as a coach and a mentor. She was passionate and easy to talk with as she was respectful and interested in hearing what I had to say. She encouraged me to ‘dig deep’ and reflect on my ambitions and my career. She also shared interesting and relatable personal stories. I highly recommend Toni!”

-A.U., Sydney, Australia
(burned out techie to blogger & content creator)

“Toni is a great listener! During our coaching session, she took the time to understand the challenges I face before paraphrasing and providing suggestions that lead to solutions. She’s gentle yet firm in her coaching. Her medical training also adds great value to her coaching as she understands the pain points both from a medical and holistic manner. I won’t hesitate to recommend her coaching services to anyone looking for support and guidance in improving their life.”

-T.T., Canada
(Emotional Psychologist & EFT healer)

“Before I worked with Toni, I struggled with following through my long-term goal for a healthy lifestyle. She was compassionate when I shared my personal weaknesses, and she supported me by setting up measurable and specific goals that I can accomplish. As a result, I feel that my long-term goal is within reach, and the sessions with Toni keep me motivated to continue my progress for a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.”

G.K., Georgia
(speech pathologist with health/fitness goals)

“I had a great experience of being coached by Toni. I was greatly impressed by her enthusiasm. As what I was seeking advice for is something Toni went through before, she shared her personal experience in great detail and helped me think of what I want and need to do by asking questions, helping me set realistic goals for myself. She also checked in after the session to see if I needed more help to accomplish my goals. Overall, it was a pleasure to work with Toni!”

-H.L., New Mexico
(nutritionist starting her blog and consulting business)

“Discussing in a compassionate and constructive manner goals in my life, and external as well as internal impediments to those goals. Establishing concrete methods to tackle those goals and work around setbacks. Reviewing the main points of our discussion at the end to reinforce the ideas we developed. Focusing, instead of on the “why?,” on the “what next?” Very helpful.”

-E.H., Massachusetts
(aspiring writer)

“Since I met Toni, I have always known her to be a pillar of positivity! No matter what is going on in her life (or yours), she always brings hope, energy, and optimism. Sometimes just hearing her voice was enough to get me through a rough day. Talking with someone can really help you clarify your life goals, especially someone as positive and motivating as Toni! She helps me be more confident in who I am, what I want, and what I am doing. I am so grateful to have her inspirational influence in my life! During our session, I really like how she asked me why I write, and explored other areas I had never really explored before. When people ask me questions that I can’t answer, I find that really impressive, because I spend a lot of time introspecting and I often know the answers to a lot of questions. It’s really helpful to me because it shows me where my blindspots are.”

-S.R., Ohio
(psychology professor wanting to get back into a loved lost hobby (writing)

“I came to Toni looking for some coaching on finding my authentic self and was in a bad place. I let Toni know of what I was struggling with and she listened with integrity and asked thoughtful questions that helped me open up and figure out my own solutions to my issue. Toni knows how to hold space and is like a friendly guide holding your hand gently toward your ideal path. I highly recommend working with her. She’s awesome. Thank you for your help, Toni!”

-K.N., Calgary, Canada
(from Shopify employee to success coach)

“I had a one on one coaching session with Toni and felt that it was a valuable and eye opening experience. During the session, Toni asked me questions that helped reorient my thinking towards the goal set at the beginning of the session, and helped me come to my own conclusions to get there. By the end of the session, we had created an action list of things I could do in the short term, which I immediately began implementing and have been seeing the results of. I would definitely recommend coaching with Toni! She is sensitive, curious, intelligent, and willing to push you out of your comfort zone to keep you from feeling stuck.”

-J.C., Massachusetts
(student & successful crochet entrepreneur)

“I’ve never done coaching before so I had no idea what to expect. As a coach, Toni was always obliging and eager to help. We started with some small talk to break the ice and then dove right into working toward my goal. I was surprised by Toni’s wide and broad range of knowledge. I felt like my coaching goal was a bit unique but Toni was able to share tips and tricks that I didn’t even know about or consider, and I’d done so much research on the topic beforehand too! She even helped me with off-topic problems in my life. If a I had a problem with some of the methods Toni suggested, she was more than willing to provide other ways that fitted more to my personality. As a coach, Toni was cheerful and non-judgmental, which I think is so important when being coached. It was a genuine kind of non-judging and I felt comfortable enough to be brutally honest about my problems and shortcomings. Actually, I felt really refreshed after sessions, kind of like a personal therapy session! Her go-getter mood is contagious and inspiring. She makes you feel like we’re in this together, and she’s right there doing it along with you! You come away feeling inspired and like you can take on your goals, no matter how impossible or daunting they seemed before! Because Toni usually breaks big goals into small bits, it’s way easier to make progress and before you know it, you’ve made significant progress without realizing it! She’s just the right amount of being your friend as much as your coach. I’m a very awkward and shy person but Toni always made me feel at ease. She easily caters to your needs and preferences so if you’re the type to want fewer sessions but more casual checkups via text, she’s able to do that too! Even if you don’t have a specific goal but just would like someone to put some direction in your life, give a session a try! I’m always surprised by the new things I learn and the new ways to see the world.”

-From a disillusioned former med school student from NY looking to reclaim meaning in her life/to self-cultivate meaning in her life

“Toni is amazing!! She has created a safe and compassionate space for me to talk about my struggles with romantic relationships and self-love. I always look forward to my sessions with her! She helped me see that I was not spoiled growing up, that I really did need more emotional comfort and encouragement, and I deserve that both from myself and my future partner. She helped me come from a mindset of abundance when it comes to finding the right partner; gave me hope that I could find someone who has the right balance of ambition & compassion for me. She didn’t judge me for my polyamorous tendencies, and also shares the same belief that we don’t have to achieve self-love all on our own – in fact, it would be very difficult for us to be fully self-sufficient without needing anyone. Being an HSP herself who has had several years more relationship experience than I have had, it was really useful to hear her insights & they gave me hope. As a fellow coach, I can see that she has an incredible enthusiasm for learning and developing herself, for building connections with people, learning from mentors, and creating a warm loving community – especially amongst Asians. Much respect to Toni for all her hard work! Toni operates with a high level of transparency and integrity – she does her best to ‘walk the talk’ when it comes to personal development and coaching. Her style of coaching would be great for anyone who wants to be loved and accepted for who they are, and empowered to design and create their own solutions to problems. She gives her clients a lot of space to do so. She would also be a great coach for HSPs, multipotentialites, and anyone trying to navigate relationships with difficult Asian parents.”

-L.Z., Toronto
(from burned out tech worker to songwriter & coach)

“Toni is the modern Renaissance woman! – she embodies the creative spirit as a dance instructor (definitely check out one of her classes!) and cartoonist whilst guiding people to live their truth through her variety of workshops and Acceptsians Facebook community. It takes courage to follow one’s heart, especially given the external forces of familial pressures and societal expectations – she has done precisely that by putting aside her career as a doctor, a well-trodden path, to forge her own path as a coach. As a result, she is equipped to guide people to create lives filled with joy and meaning.”

-A.C., NY
(from non-profit worker to yoga instructor & life purpose coach)

“Thank you so much for everything thus far. You’re the best health practitioner I’ve ever had! I’ve told all my friends to make an appointment with you if they need one.”

-V.P., NY
(college student at Columbia University)

“I’ve been alive for 69 years and never saw a doctor who asks such thoughtful questions like you. Thank you for your superb care.”

-D.A., NY
(telehealth patient)

“Thank you for our wonderful session today! Thank you for being so kind and caring and supportive. I feel like I am on the right track now to a more, positive and inspiring future. Thank you for your insights and reminding who I feel I am. I will build on this <3”

-J.S., UK

“As someone who’s known Toni for years, the first descriptor that comes to mind is “empowering”. In the face of obstacle after obstacle, I’ve watched Toni refuse to be held back and refuse to let others determine her path. With so many others struggling to find their ways against societal, cultural, and family expectations, we need more people like Toni to act as a stabilizing force and help us find our inner compass. It’s easier to justify the status quo and talk ourselves out of change. For some people, that’s fine. But for those who need to break past that, a partner like Toni on your side makes all the difference in the world. She’s been through it all, and she’s the real deal.”

-D.S., MA

“I’ve known Toni since middle school, and have worked alongside her during school when we were in OPUS the school’s literary magazine. When I met her I was originally soft spoken and had a wallflower personality. During the school years she was able to get me out of my comfort zone where when she graduated high school I was able to confidently lead and run the art department of OPUS in her place. I highly recommend her, she carries a strong level of empathy and always is willing to lend a ear for any conflict or problems I had. This creates a comfortable environment where I felt safe to divulge any of my troubles and she always is willing to provide suggestions of possible solutions throughout the years I’ve known her. With her personality I feel she is able to easily connect to others without bias or judgement, and she has a strong passion in leading others to improve and better themselves, or come to accept and love themselves for who they are. I honestly feel Toni is a kind and warm soul and I would strongly recommend her to anyone who hires her as a life coach. “

J.S., New York
(Sleep Guide Expert in the middle of a job transition)

“Toni is a wonderful coach and listener who knows what it means to be non-attached. I felt I could say anything I wanted to say and Toni would be there for me without judgement. Her ability to hold space allowed me to come to multiple major discoveries about myself and what was holding me back within just one hour, which really blew my mind. In the end, I walked away with concrete action steps that were exactly what I needed to move forward. Thanks Toni!”

-S.Y., Toronto, Canada
(life coach & artist/painter)

“If you’re looking into working with a dating coach, you’ve probably already consumed other media around dating and relationships, but the major problem with this is that not all advice is relevant to everyone. One huge advantage of working with a dating coach is getting advice that is specifically geared towards you and your situation. If you’ve been struggling with finding a partner, it can feel like the world is against you. Working with a dating coach can finally feel like having someone on your side. However, for this to be possible, you are going to have to be willing to be open and honest with yourself and your coach. Luckily, Toni is one of those special people that makes you feel instantly more comfortable having what can be some tough conversations. Even before officially working with Toni as a dating coach, I had already talked with Toni at length about my dating and relationship woes. More so than with many of my closer, long-time friends. In addition, here are a few things Toni does with her sessions that I really appreciated: She gives you follow-up action-items or “homework”. These will either help you directly, or help you to help her to get a better idea of your situation and needs. After a session, she provides a summary of what you discussed and any of these action-items, so you can easily review and reflect upon what you discussed. And finally, just being available for discussion outside designated sessions. I’ve always felt there is an open line of communication between myself and Toni. It’s nice to know your dating coach is always in your corner.”

– D.K., Colorado
(software engineer)

“Toni Liu is truly an amazing coach! I have always wanted to become a life coach, but because of my fears of judgement & failure I was hindered from moving forward. Toni helped me start off on my path as a life coach, and has been so supportive throughout the way. She truly cares about my success and I feel like she was able to push me towards the right direction. During times of stress, Toni is also able to help alleviate it by changing up my game plan and by reminding me of my purpose. My journey as a life coach has only begun, but I am so grateful that I have her support on my journey!”

-J.A., California
(from burned out physical therapist to life coach & globe-trotting nomad)

Toni created a safe space for us as a couple to open up and share about some incredibly private details that we would struggle even sharing with each other, let alone anyone else. She listened carefully and with understanding. She was able to come onto the level where we are, rather than expecting us to come to where she is (or anywhere else!). She facilitated our sharing so that we could hear each other well and think of solutions that worked for us, while also offering advice where necessary. Her medical background  knowledge also helped immensely to build a sense of trust for us. Thank you for supporting us in our relationship!

-ST & JT, Thailand

I had an enlivening, joyful session with Toni. Her presence, compassion, and lively energy made me feel like I wanted to work through my challenges. Toni’s curiosity blended with practical reflections gave me the space to explore some creative solutions for myself that I hadn’t considered before. I went from feeling stagnant and stuck to excited to try things out, in the space of one session. Thank you so much!! 

-S.Z., Germany
(podcaster, intercultural advocate, voice artist, writer, coach, former occupational therapist)

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