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Part of the “Dr. Tooni” women’s health and empowerment project: Love is Love, in honor of Pride Month and the LGBTQIA+ community.

I was so fortunate to have spent some of my medical training in special clinics dedicated to the LGBTQIA+ population.

I saw firsthand how heart-breaking and challenging their lives were, from mental and emotional health struggles to physical and legal issues, such as visitation rights of a partner in the hospital.

We prescribed hormonal medications to help patients align their outsides more with their insides.

I did not get the chance to see surgeries, but I was so glad we could offer those options as well.

I strongly believed in this work, for it aligned so well with my mission of wanting to empower everyone to live lives most true to themselves, and reach their highest potentials, and greatest happiness.

I didn’t understand how anyone could fault them. They weren’t hurting or affecting ANYONE ELSE.

It’s so personal who you are, what sexes and genders you identify with (if any), and whom you love.

Those who try to shame, blame, or control others struck me as so narrow-minded, arrogant, and disrespectful.

I’ve battled my whole life with a family member who even went so far to believe that “they’re just doing it to be trendy” and “they have a disease. It’s not normal.”

If it wasn’t “normal,” or “natural,” animals would all be heterosexual, and they are not.

If it was a choice, there wouldn’t be genetic links and patterns.

Are there gay animals in nature? Homosexuality in the animal world

I can’t explain why I’m so passionate about this. I just am. I’m so fortunate to be a cisgender heterosexual monogamy-seeking female, so I haven’t struggled firsthand with what many of the LGBTQIA+ community face.

I do have friends though, and I always invite them to share their stories, but in as much or as little detail as they’d feel comfortable.

And of course, I feel so grateful to have learned so much from the patients I have cared for.

I’m trying to learn, listen, and share. Empower, educate, and open eyes and hearts to new perspectives with my art and writing. I feel that that is my purpose in this world.

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It all starts with us and our relationships with ourselves. Self love is first and foremost.

As we grow, we have to learn how to soothe our inner child and rely on ourselves for our own happiness.

Looking to others, such as family, friends, or romantic partner(s) for our happiness is unhealthy, co-dependent behavior.

Some may be very happy being on their own and free to live life exactly as they please, and are not interested in romantic or sexual relationships with others.

And some love others, either one partner or multiple others. Some love several throughout their lives, and others many at once.

There is no right or wrong.

As long as everyone involved is honest and transparent with each other, and able to reach some sort of agreement, outsiders have no place to judge what kind of love is valid or true.

Bodies are merely houses for our souls. Whom we love has more to do with our inside personalities than our outside appearances or organs, whatever they may be.

All sexes, genders, orientations, and lifestyles are valid, and deserving of respect, kindness, and equal rights!!

Here is a list of 46 terms that describe sexual attraction, behavior, and orientation.

Also, this lovely educational video by Amaze.org is delightful!! They target children even from young ages.

Please share and educate others! No one should have to hide or feel bad about who they are. Let’s all work towards a more loving, accepting world!!



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