My artwork over the years, in attempted chronological order. If you happen to have any of my doodles or artwork since I’ve made custom birthday/holiday cards, please send them to me! Thanks!!


I have loved drawing ever since I could remember. My parents worked a lot, and my sister wasn’t born until I was 12, so I had lots of time to myself.


I always drew freehand, without looking at references. I was a shy, quiet kid, but I could entertain myself for hours with a pencil and paper. I found any chance to draw/decorate for homework or projects, even when unnecessary.



In 5th grade, I first got into Pokemon. I also loved video games growing up, particularly Mario and Banjo-Kazooie.


I loved the “You Choose Your Own Adventure” books, so I created a “You Choose Your Own Tunnel” game in a booklet with flaps. Pokemon-themed, of course.

In 7th grade, for French class, I drew “Pikachu’s Beach Day” and for English class, I decorated a grammar chart that was meant to be only text.


For my 8th grade English class portfolio, I made it into a game. You had to pay attention to my writing pieces in order to answer the questions at the end in order to get the prize – a Chinese language lesson!

Through all 4 years of high school, I passionately participated in Battle of the Classes, a competition of the entire school where the classes decorated their hallways, cafeteria windows, and T-shirts with respective themes.


Ours were Under the Sea, Mario Party, Peter Pan, and Wizard of Oz! I don’t have many pictures. These are courtesy of my AMAZING art teacher, Jennifer Lewis Cavalluzzo! Also a big shout-out to Teresa Tan, my friend and collaborator on many works!

My high school senior year project was to create a manga (Japanese style comic)! Story by Wil Wong.

These were from my AP Art portfolio. You submitted 5 original pieces and then slides of the remaining ones. I can’t find the remaining ones but I found the slides! ;_;

I LOVED Japanese anime and manga. I had waves of obsessions, starting with Pokemon, then Cardcaptor Sakura, then Yu-Gi-Oh, Fullmetal Alchemist, and various others. 


I drew the characters almost every free moment, and even made a cake using food coloring of my favorite character Yami Yugi! These are some doodles I found from middle school, but many are lost unfortunately 🙁

In college, I collaborated with my friend and suitemate Dr. Stephanie Le to create comics for “The Brown Daily Herald,” our college newspaper. Many are missing, I will have to scan the yellow newspaper copies when I get a chance. I also tried for many years to start a Badminton team, and we brainstormed some funny comics involving our quirky crew.

I also enjoyed drawing cartoon/manga versions of my friends, and our wacky adventures together. We also played Mad Libs and illustrated the results! Also are some anime doodles and random self and other portraits peppered in.

I had a Hunger Games kick for a while too! And other random books or tv shows, I sometimes drew as well.

I took a break from art to buckle down in medical school and residency. It was hard to find time or energy. My creativity still peeked out at moments, and I enjoyed collaborations and commissions. 


Included are commissions for colleague Dr. S’s fanfic “A Martian Abandon” featuring Beast Boy and Raven from Teen Titans and for some original Yu-Gi-Oh card Watt creatures, and a collaboration with colleague Dr. Bei Bei Chen, “Howie the Asthmatic Wolf,” an educational outreach children’s book.

And finally, now that I have the time and a new tablet to draw with, I’m trying to get back into the habit of drawing! I’m keeping myself accountable with passion projects on this site! (browse the Menu)

My dream is to use my art to inspire others or teach them something. I’m new to this world, so if you want to collaborate on something, or have a commission or request, please let me know!!