“Strip Off Shame” is an 3-month course dedicated to cultivating body literacy, empowered sensuality, and conscious relationships, so that women can experience the full PLEASURE life has to offer, without guilt or shame.

This LIVE program (women only) is held only ONCE/year.

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Did you know that Sex Ed is severely lacking? In the US, only 13/50 states are mandated to teach Sex Ed with ANY degree of medical accuracy!!:

sex ed course

There are DEVASTATING consequences of not talking frankly and non-judgmentally about sex, love or relationships. Such as:

  • High rates of mental health + suicide
  • Lifelong shame + low self-esteem
  • Painful or obligatory sex
  • Higher rates of sexual assault + abusive relationships
  • More unplanned pregnancies (50% of ALL pregnancies in the U.S. are unplanned)
  • More children in orphanages or neglectful or abusive households -> more issues in adulthood
  • Higher teen pregnancy rates
  • Less women being able to pursue their careers or other dreams
sex ed course

Does this feel familiar?: Did you come from a family who never talked about sex, much less relationships at all, yet at some point they just expected you to be married??

You don’t just grow a healthy partnership when “it is time”! It takes conscious effort, intention, and self-awareness of your values, wants and needs.

We were never taught how to recognize, choose, or create healthy relationships. We are somehow just expected to know.

We piece together what we can from unreliable sources, and cross our fingers and hope for the best.

Many of us don’t know how to navigate our first one, or may have regrets later.

We may go from relationship to relationship, not able to recognize or learn the lessons needed to create lifelong lasting love and a satisfying intimate connection.

We settle for mediocrity, obligatory or painful intimacy, or a connection more based on shared goals or worse, “to prove that there is nothing wrong” with us, that we are not too broken, demanding or unworthy of someone choosing to love us.

Or we may feel that we are even worse off after our experiences so far, our traumas, betrayals and abandonment, that leave us building up walls. This may protect our hearts, but it also cuts us off from love, leaving us feeling isolated, lonely, and more hopeless than before.

We may feel it’s too late for us, we’re too “damaged” for anyone to love us, that love is not meant for us, we’ll be alone forever, or all the good people are taken and have passed us by.

The good news this, none of this is true. Love is our birthright. No matter what we’ve been through, we will always be able to come back to this. We were just never taught the tools for a healthy, fulfilling relationships, especially if we came from families that couldn’t model healthy relationships for us.

This 8-week course will address all the shame, guilt, fear, stigma, confusion, myths and misinformation about relationships.

Each session (60 min) will consist of lecture, small group activities, and discussion/debriefing/Q&A.

All are welcome, especially if you are discovering your sexuality, navigating difficult relationships, or feeling unfulfilled in your current partnership. Groups will be matched into cohorts according to age + circumstances if applicable.

By arming yourself with the knowledge, tools, and support, your journey to healthy love will definitely be an easier one.

No matter your age, race, ethnicity, background, sex, gender, orientation, identity, sexuality, strengths, weaknesses, flaws, or quirks, you are a WORTHY and LOVABLE human being.

And you CAN create the love you’ve always dreamed about!!

Together we will explore and learn to embrace ALL of ourselves. You will learn to be fully, unapologetically YOU, speak your truth, follow your heart and authentic dreams, and hold deep peace, kindness and respect for yourself + others.

You will be elevated by this program (+ nourishing community afterwards) to live life in a new, empowered way.

It would be an honor to guide you on your journey <3

STRIP OFF SHAME SYLLABUS (9 live calls over 3 months):

  1. Intros, Intentions + Common Myths-Busting
  2. Deeply Discover YOU – Sex, Gender, Identity, Sexuality
  3. Honor Your History – Lessons + Patterns

    <<Integration Week>>
  4. Body Literacy! – Healthy Body Image + Hormones
  5. Self-Love, Pleasure + Care

    <<Integration Week>>
  6. Attraction, Dating + Deepening – Your Needs & Wants
  7. Communication + Cultivating Connection with Others

    <<Integration Week>>
  8. Safety – Health, Contraception, Consent + Boundaries
  9. Final Closing Circle + Celebrations!

    Bonuses: L.O.V.E. Yourself Dance Classes, “Sacred” Playlist, Goddess caricatures/sketches, Body Love in 5 Days Workbook, lifetime alumni group membership, 1:1 Follow-up Session with Dr. Toni + more!
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BENEFITS after taking this course:

  • Improved body image & literacy – know & love your body, feel total agency, comfort to assert your preferences, needs & boundaries
  • Greater confidence navigating your current or future romantic relationships
  • Inner peace & self-worth – past experiences will not sabotage or hold you back
  • Easeful dating, connecting + presenting your authentic self – attract higher quality of people better suited to you
  • Higher quality of current and future relationships – more connection, closeness, presence, authentic sharing, vulnerability, communication
  • Understanding of your core wounds, patterns & triggers, and how to manage them when they come up from daily life, stressors, or relational conflicts
  • Able to convey your needs, wants, desires to others in an effective way, really hear theirs, and troubleshoot so you can better meet each other’s needs
  • Be grounded and truly content in your own company – rarely feel lonely or isolated again
  • Peace to enjoy your Sacred Singlehood while standing firm in knowing what you want in a Partnership and not settling for less!
  • A lifetime sisterhood with other participants in a private community membership

    …and so much more!

Background story about the birth of this course: As an ex-gynecologist now family physician, cartoonist, sex educator, and relationship coach, Dr. Toni Liu is extremely passionate about fighting abuse and injustices, and cultivating universal love. She empowers, educates, and advocates for people of all backgrounds, especially those from shame-filled upbringings.

Her life was absolutely changed from the “FemSex” program at her liberal college, Brown University.

Before then, she had been afraid to share or even admit to her true self. She stifled her authentic thoughts and feelings with food and unhealthy relationships.

A people-pleaser, she had always lived for others, feared conflict or speaking her truth, and didn’t think she was worthy of taking up space or being truly loved.

In that community, she shared things she had never told anyone.

After growing up in a harsh, perfectionistic Asian culture and conservative school, and hiding in the shadows all her life, it was the first time she felt truly seen, heard, understood, and loved.

It was incredibly liberating and healing, and it started her 16-year journey of learning to love herself.

She learned to follow her heart, honor her soul and authentic dreams, no longer tolerated being abused, and learned to speak up and advocate for herself and others, especially minorities and outcasts.

She truly believes EVERYONE belongs and is worthy of unconditional love and acceptance.

Then, during her time at Columbia University student clinic in NYC, she noticed many common areas of confusion regarding sex, and a lot of shame and embarrassment came up during discussions.

She was so moved that she swore to expand to serving more than just her patients.

Those 15-minute appointments were unsatisfying and limited, unable to really dig deep into the root of the issues to make lasting changes.

She is now impacting the world globally by dispelling myths and helping others fully embrace + assert themselves, and consciously create the nourishing relationships they had always dreamed of.

In addition to running courses and workshops, she’s created patient handouts, mnemonics and comics explaining reproductive and sexual health in memorable, refreshing ways (Project “Dr. Tooni’s Women’s Empowerment”)

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Only 10 spots for this yearly course. Anonymous participation options available.

Tuition = $888 (25% of profits donated to a women’s charity of your choice!)

Payment plans & partial scholarship options available (book a call to inquire).

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Reviews from previous students:

“I’m a new woman now. It was so valuable to hear other Asian women’s experiences even though we had such different experiences and share mine with them because I feel that there was mutual understanding at a level where I don’t have to explain the cultural component.”

“Toni takes sex ed and the understanding of sex in the Asian culture and created a safe space where facts can be discussed and myths can be debunked. Say as much or as little as you want, but you will come out with a new perspective.”

“This program is a self healing program for Asian Women. The program provided a safe space for Asian women of all difference background to come together and talk about SEX. It is where, I have the opportunity to hear other empowering story from other Asian Women in their journey of sexual healing. While participate in the program, I have to chance to rewrite my narrative of my sexuality identify and desires as a Survivor. The program allow participants to challenge our deep rooted bias in the Asian culture and tradition about sex, sexism, patriarchy, and gender roles that suppress Asian Women to fully evolve and blossom in their own sexual desire. I love that the program allow me to share my sexual journey in a respectful environment – free of judgement, free of shame & guilt. The program allow me to embrace my body, my story, and most of importance of all ME. I feel empowered, uplifting, and FREE after I completed the program. I never feel so good just to be ME. So are you ready for journey where you can Free Yourself From all the shame and guilt to step into the GODDESS Image that have been awaited for YOU???”

Questions? Or want to inquire about a scholarship? Ask or book a call with Dr. Toni HERE.

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