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As I’ve done more art recently, I decided to expand my “Dr. Tooni” project to include some comics from my experiences as a women’s health provider.

your body comic self-conscious about pubic hair
your body razors made for men originally

It’s your body, so you get to make the choices, not society!! Do something only if it feels good and right TO YOU.

Some Links:

What is a Pap Smear?

What is a Period?

-Women only started shaving because razor marketing campaigns previously meant for men started targeting them and used fear, shame, loneliness, and sex appeal as tactics.

Even today it results in the “pink tax,” meaning of equivalent products for men and women, the ones for women are more expensive simply because.

This link has more details on the history of how pink used to be for boys, and blue for girls, before those colors were completely swapped.

Carol Rosetti does amazing pieces empowering women!!


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