A little known fact about me: I draw, but I love creative expressions of all kinds, especially coming up with parodies/rhymes/raps.

The Rap Theme Song for my community “Acceptsians (Self-Love & Acceptance, Exceptions to Toxic Asian Cultural Customs)“:

Yoyoyoyo we’re Acceptsians, y’all!
We’re all about Love & Acceptance of all!
Of ourselves, of each other,
All our Sisters and Brothers.
Cuz we’re One and we know it.
We love every day, and we show it!

Though we come from different backgrounds,
Some with toxic cultural customs,
We’re Exceptions to them,
Don’t blindly follow the rules, we bust ‘em!
We question if something’s serving us.
Just cuz it’s tradition and old
Doesn’t mean it’s right for us.
We’re authentic and bold!

We embrace all our flaws and our quirks,
However we are, we make ’em work!
Dear One, you are never alone,
We all have common stories and poems!
Sharing ‘em together in this community
Gives us super-immunity!
To life’s up’s and down’s,
Together we’ll turn ’em around!

We’ll support ALL your dreams,
No matter how big or scary,
You can follow your heart!
Your burdens we’ll help carry.
We’re all part of one team,
We’re all unique human beings,

So join us and unlock your Exceptional Acceptsian!
Whether Asian or not, that’s not our intention.
We don’t see color or divides,
Cuz we’re all on the same side!
It’s win-win and abundance out there,
If we nurture self-love and peace within here 💗

Dr. Toni

Please join our Facebook community for support, no matter what dreams, goals, or struggles you have. Come just as you are, we Accept everyone with open arms!!

Some raps I’ve made about me and friends:

My name is Toni,
My face may look stony,
But I can assure you that I ain’t a phony!
I love me some pepperoni,
My folks loves rigatoni,
And cheese-n-macaroni,
That’s why not a single one of us is bony.
We could beat out a zamboni,
And each take down a pony!

My name’s Alise,
I love wearing fleece,
If you’ve got a problem with that, I’ll dip your head in grease!
And my dad Kenny is a big fat geese,
Yeah I said geese, what are you, the police??
My English ain’t too good, deal with it! Sheesh!!
If your snide comments don’t cease,
Trust me your lifespan’ll decrease,
I’m a gangsta yo, I ain’t looking for peace!

And some from my Fire Emblem: Awakening kick in 2014, a game for the 3DS with a rich world and complex characters.

(These are factual but somewhat biased for the people who requested them haha. They may or may not have been fangirls of certain characters 😉 thus hated their female competitors).


The name’s Gerome, I always wear a mask,

I’m the Batman of this world, it’s no easy task,

I ride on Minerva, my mother’s old steed,

She always flies in at my times of need,

I wield several axes like a bad@ss,

To pummel my enemies into the grass,

I need to remain all aloof and mysterious,

Which somehow drives the ladies to be even more curious,

They stampede after me, trying to see,

What my face looks like, completely mask-free.

I’ll never take off this mask, whatever you do,

Unless you get me to say “I love you.”

Hey there baby, my name is Gaius,

I’m a thief for a living, so I’m far from pious,

I admit I have a soft spot for sweets,

I go around making and stealing treats,

Got sexy ginger hair and glutes like a lumberjack,

And underneath these garbs, there’s a six-pack!

So don’t trip over yourselves getting in line,

Cuz I know I’m just so absolutely fiiiine.

My voice is deep and music to the ears,

It’ll surely chase away all your fears,

I can become a hot trickster or assassin,

Get ready for some @ss-grabbin’!!

Hi there all, my name is Henry,

I’m a dark mage, and weird as can be,

I have no family, I was raised by crows,

And in battle for me, anything goes.

Because I especially love blood and gore,

I torture them till death, and then some more,

“Humina humina humina!” goes my hexes,

And I must say I’ve got killer reflexes,

I’m always smiling, you never see my eyes ^_^

I can easily feed you a crapload of lies,

And you’d believe me, because I’m the greatest liar,

And if you don’t, oh well, I’ll just kill you with fire!

My name’s Sumia and everyone hates me,

I trip over everything, most recently a tree,

And fall on my face, but bounce back like rubber,

I’m glad my body’s made out of all this blubber.

I pine after Chrom, who’s obviously not into me,

He got married to Robin, you see,

Even though I slaved away baking him all these pies,

I think I must’ve had a million tries,

Oh boo hoo me, I’m so lonely,

Why won’t anyone ever love me!?

Except the ugly ones, Vaike, Kellam, and Brady.

My name’s Inigo and I’m a big playboy,

I go around trying to bring all the ladies joy,

But somehow I’m always rejected,

‘Did I come on too strong?’ I reflected,

Must be my radiant hotness, it just leaves them in shock,

They can’t do anything, except hit me with a rock :*(

I take after my mother and secretly love to dance,

I’ll give you the time of your life, if you give me the chance.

If you want to collab or have a silly rhyme written about you, message me! 😊