Clients can work with Dr. Toni 1:1 or in a group. Client testimonials HERE.

Dr. Toni is a licensed, board-certified MD, certified relationship coach & holistic practitioner trained in integrative medicine & art therapy. Her service is a blend of coaching, consulting, guidance, empowerment, subconscious work meditations, and brainstorming practical solutions.

Her approach is client-centered, supporting clients to access their own inner wisdom, root into their most Powerful & Authentic selves & create the lives they deeply deserve. This could look like going for their dream careers, lifestyles (i.e. nomad), birthing creative pursuits, finally shedding excess weight, attracting soul-level love, or deepening & healing difficult relationships.

Everything comes back to the SELF, the relationship with yourself. When you fully know, love & accept yourself, you reach a level of emotional freedom, self-trust, and inner peace. You consistently celebrate yourself for the success that you already are, you forgive yourself more easily, and you feel free to dance with life on your own terms.

You wake up each day being able to access unconditional joy within yourself. You feel pride in who you are & your tastes, even if they’re unconventional & nobody else can quite understand. You feel fundamentally that ALL of you is OK, worthy, lovable, 100% of the time, and you belong, always, because you have a unique role only you can play in the world.

Group events include: Women’s Infinity Circles, Asian Mental Health Support Groups, and workshops. Join the email list HERE to stay updated.

1:1 VIP Private Programs are tailored to the client’s unique situation & goals. Apply HERE.

Sacred Sex Ed group program 8 sessions ($888)

All Programs are 3 months ($888-$2600) with homeplay, community, & unlimited 1:1 text support

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Please note: the minimum investment to work with Dr. Toni is $118/month USD (with sliding scale/student discount). Extended payment plans available.

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