This badminton manga (Japanese comic) has been in my head for YEARS, and I’m finally putting it onto paper. Imperfectly sharing is better than not sharing at all!

Badminton’s my favorite sport! I didn’t start playing until high school senior year, but was somehow a natural and ended up as 1st singles and co-captain of the team! I loved it so much that I started a club/team in college!

There also wasn’t a Badminton manga/anime out back when this idea originated! Then “Hanebado” appeared in 2013 🙁

But unlike the typical sports manga, my idea was always more about the character development, themes of diversity, inclusion, feminism, acceptance, belonging, and the triumph of the underdog club to become recognized as a “real” sport! Badminton is not taken seriously in many places; it’s only seen as a recreational, easy “backyard sport.”

badminton comic


One of my comics from my college newspaper “The Brown Daily Herald”

My manga also aims to empower everyone, especially women, to pursue their own dreams and ambitions! In misogynistic societies such as Japan especially, women (like the main character Himiko) are expected to become housewives. Stumbling upon her school’s badminton club changed her life forever!

And the other crazy oddball misfit team members go through their own personal journeys of growth as well. I hope to remind you that there’s a place for you and people who support you, no matter how weird or wacky you are… so don’t be afraid to be yourself!!

Note: Read right to left (as manga traditionally is)

I’ve been drawing with pencil only for now. I could definitely use some help inking or typing in the text, so please reach out to me if you’re interested!

These beautiful first 2 pages are courtesy of my amazing sister!! Thank you so much!!! <3 <3 <3

Hope you enjoy this original badminton manga of mine!!

Each Chapter will be chunked together into 1 gallery (click on the arrows to scroll through.)

Sorry for the confusion – you scroll through left to right but each page reads right to left!:

badminton manga cast

Chapter 1: An Odd Welcome

Chapter 2: The First Week

Chapter 3: Cookies and...?!

Chapter 4: The Date

Chapter 5: Kinds of Heroes

Chapter 6: Court Space

Chapter 7: Unknown Forces

Chapter 8: The Ultimate Knockout

Chapter 9: Rival(s)?!