Media appearances including podcasts, lives, webinars, and speaking events.

To book Dr. Toni for speaking events or workshops, contact her HERE. Rates start at $300/hour.

Expertise in: Asian & AAPI mental health, holistic health, intergenerational trauma, abuse, neglect, complex PTSD, filial piety, familial & societal conditionings, healthy relationships, women’s health, social justice advocacy, feminism, authentic dating, conscious relationships, toxic medical training system & physician suicide, burnout, recovering your creativity, regaining self-worth, people-pleasing, fawn trauma response, Over-Achieveritis, trauma healing, de-stigmatizing sexuality, personal development, living authentically & discovering who you truly are, entrepreneurship as a neurodivergent Highly Sensitive Person, High Sensation Seeker & abuse survivor, digital nomadism, remote work & international travel, minimalism, spiritual freedom, financial independence, eating disorders, emotional eating, body image, codependency, addictions

As featured in: Youtube, Google, Fabletics, TechStyle, JustFab, ShoeDazzle, FabKids, Savage x Fenty, Asian Wander Women

Guest Blog Posts:

Asian Wander Women: 10 Location-Independent Asian Wanderers You Should Follow on Instagram

PurposeFairy: Mind or Heart: Which one will you listen to?

Podcast Appearances:

“Happy Asian Woman” with Alice Chen – Have Better Sex + Embrace your Sensuality

“Sandwich Parenting” with Sherry Yuan Hunter – Healing Intergenerational Trauma

“Licensed to Live” with Dr. Jarret Patton – Honoring our Childhood Dreams

“ARTS: Asian Redefining Their Success” with Yunzhe Zhou – From Doctor to Artist – model Asian child -> giant “failure”

“Doctor Me First” with Dr. Errin Weismanon burnout, recovery, Secret Dreams + leaving medicine

“Untigering” with Iris Chen Unschooling Ourselves

“Life After Medicine” with Chelsea TurgeonLearning to Live for Yourself as an Asian American – career fulfillment + burnout from medical training

“Balanced Medics” with Bella Raquel People-Pleasing & how to beat it

“From Grief to Joyful Riches” with Dr. Birgitte Tan – coming soon

“Peter’s Drive” with Peter Huynh – coming soon

To book Dr. Toni for speaking events or workshops, contact her HERE.


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