Summary: Reflections from my unexpected visit of my parents due to a new health scare). I’m writing this on the plane back to Thailand. I had made an unexpected trip back to the US to visit and help out my mom with her new unexpected health scare. (I had gone […]
Summary: guest post by Dr. Isabella Raquel of Balanced Medics! Thank you for sharing so vulnerably <3 If you are interested in contributing guest posts to this blog or swapping, please contact me HERE. I have this fear of failure. So deep rooted that it’s like an organ inside of […]
Summary: The story behind my life’s calling to help women and my “Shame-Free Sex Ed” course…it all started in a shady college dorm room with a flashlight and a plastic speculum… (part of my college Brown University’s “FemSex” Female Sexuality Workshop, which CHANGED MY LIFE)!! I always view my life […]
body image ddr
Summary: How I went from couch potato to exercise addict and learned to love my body and the rest of myself in the process. No exaggeration, exercise truly saved my life. I was an overweight couch potato most of my life. I weighed 50 pounds at 3 years old. I […]
body image beautiful bodies
This is a very vulnerable topic for me, one that I’ve been putting off writing for a while. I’ve struggled with my weight and body image ever since I can remember. I was born an average weight, but was always overweight from then on. I think people fall into only […]
love every day
My father (an anesthesiologist) has been sick for the past 3 weeks. Fever, fatigue, and a patchy spot in his left lung on chest x-ray. Though he tested negative for COVID-19 twice, we still highly suspect that they are false negatives (the tests are unfortunately not very accurate). He is […]
covid 19
These are truly crazy times we’re living in now. It felt necessary to dedicate an entire post to the COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) pandemic. Some say this is World War III, with an invisible enemy. I couldn’t agree more. From what we’ve seen so far, it seems to have a 13% […]
streamlining chores list
Residency has BRUTAL hours, 80-100 hours per week at times, so the better you are at streamlining chores, organizing and maximizing your free time, the more you can enjoy it and attempt to have somewhat of a life outside of work. Apparently I didn’t know how well I was doing […]
survive residency psychological tips brains
A long overdue post, on how I survived residency training. For those unfamiliar with residency, it is the period of 3-7 years (depending on the specialty) after medical school where you practice medicine as a junior doctor, overseen by supervisors. You must graduate residency before you can practice medicine independently […]
girl in a field losing face
There is an Asian concept of “losing face.” We are a culture of appearances, and it can be deeply embarrassing to have a crack or flaw in the mask we have striven so hard to maintain in society. I feel a bit like Mulan here, setting out to start over […]
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Hi! I'm Dr. Toni, a carTOONIst. I empower, educate and advocate for women and minorities through my art and coaching, while traveling nomadically. I help others also follow our hearts and live true to themselves, no matter what others say!
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Isabel is a somatic sexuality, women’s empowerment, relationships and leadership coach, and the host of the CLAIMED podcast. Isabel is a passionate entrepreneur, with her background in somatic psychotherapy, tantra, coaching, she offers a deep embodied expertise on pleasure and eroticism as a way of creating a more fulfilled life, with ourselves and in our relationships. She guides individuals and couples to embrace their natural magnetism and to feel safe to open up the body to experience more love, pleasure and abundance. Isabel is known for giving effortless permission to people to access their pleasure and ignite their erotic aliveness, and for the ripple effect that it has in all areas of their life.
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  3. Ep 12: Guest Jeanne Teleia LMFT on Wild Whales & Dolphins Play Therapy
  4. Ep 11: Managing your Energy with a Crazy Schedule as an HSP & Introvert
  5. Ep 10: Guest Richelle Vawter Spiritual Healer
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