womens health dr tooni
WOMEN’S HEALTH WITH CARTOON ART: PROJECT “DR. TOONI” Click on each women’s health question to see it answered with fun, easy to understand cartoon art!   What is the Clitoris? What is a Period? What are STIs/STDs (Sexually Transmitted Infections/Diseases)? What is a Pap Smear? What if you have an […]
Phoenix Wright lawyer turning things around turnabout
One of my favorite games of all time is “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.” It is not an accurate translation from the Japanese origin – “Gyakuten Saiban,” (逆転裁判) which means “Turnaround Trials.” “Gyakuten” means reversal, comeback, turnaround, or change.   The heartwarming story’s hero is a defense attorney who is so […]
learn chinese with comics monkman
There has always been something drawing me to languages. I find learning and practicing them to be so much fun!! I was fortunate enough to have spent my first 2.5 years in China; the exposure at such a young age made it possible to keep Chinese in a separate part […]
observatory matter of size
I started my journey in California, to visit old friends but also to explore one of my favorite states, where I would consider settling down, if I ever do. I’m pretty sure I have seasonal affective disorder, thus sunshine is extremely important to me. I have fondly been called “solar-powered,” […]
girl in a field losing face
There is an Asian concept of “losing face.” We are a culture of appearances, and it can be deeply embarrassing to have a crack or flaw in the mask we have striven so hard to maintain in society. I feel a bit like Mulan here, setting out to start over […]
Who am I?
Hi! I'm Dr. Toni, a carTOONIst. I empower, educate and advocate for women and minorities through my art and coaching, while traveling nomadically. I help others also follow our hearts and live true to themselves, no matter what others say!
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Ep 24: Guest Jen Randall MD on Quitting Medicine to Paint - Accept THEN Achieve

Guest Jen Randall MD shares her journey of leaving clinical medicine to paint and pass on the baton to med students.
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