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Further details on Dr. Toni’s “Tame the Tiger” program & other reported impacts from working with her.

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Tangible & Specific Benefits after going through the program:


Overall Impact: improved mental health & self-worth
–Generating your own happiness from within, regardless of external circumstances; not every day may be good, but you’ll be able to find something good in every day.

–Feeling at peace, a baseline joy & satisfaction, that everything in your life, exactly as is, is enough, AND you can move towards your goals & desires in a sustainable way, savoring every step of the journey.

–Feeling PROUD of who you are and all that you have, instead of focusing on what you don’t have (yet), punishing yourself or waiting until you have them in order to finally be happy.

–Easily seeing what a precious, unique, special person you are, in a new way or depth that you have not seen before.

Impact on Career: increased confidence, clarity, creativity, assertiveness & advocacy
–Choosing OR creating careers that are a good fit for you, that bring you joy and meaning, and change them without fear if something is not working.

–Saying no to your boss if they are asking too much of you, because you know your limits and can talk about them in a kind way, without guilt.

–Feeling safe to speak up at team meetings because you KNOW that what you have to say is valuable, unique, and can make a HUGE difference.

Impact on Finances:
–Earning more from your job or business through negotiation from increased confidence & advocacy of your valuable skills.

–Maximizing your spending: fulfilment ratio: see & implement new ways to save, optimize, or generate additional income with better functioning creative problem-solving.

–Relaxing into a better relationship with money, knowing that you are worth investing in and spending on, and be able to spend with less drama and worry, knowing that money is renewable (vs. time is not)

Impact on Family Relationships: more closeness, connection, understanding, peace
–No longer being upset when your Tiger Parent or someone else criticizes or insults you; instead, you’ll be able to access appreciation, love and compassion for that person, for loving you in the only way they know how.

–Knowing what to say to deflect, dismantle, disable, or de-escalate the conversation.

–Visiting your relatives without drama, because you just won’t be affected by their mean comments because you KNOW they are not true and merely reflect on their negative filters.

Impact on Other Relationships: easier to find & form authentic, genuine connections
–Finding conversations to be more easy and fun when you know yourself really well and what brings you the most joy.

–Talking about yourself more easily and introduce yourself to others, whether in networking or casual events.

–Appreciating ALL your relationships and feel whole, no matter how many you have or whether you have a romantic partner or not.

–Making deeper, more genuine and meaningful friendships +/- a deeper, more meaningful, passionate, and fulfilling relationship with your romantic partner.

Impact on Life Skills: better problem-solving & decision-making skills
–Easily seeing and generating new solutions to long-standing issues.

–Making decisions, even tough ones, more quickly and easily You will know which options jump out at you or feel more right to you.

–Figuring out what YOU really want even if you are surrounded by so many different opinions & recommendations from others.

Impact on Old Destructive Habits: less people-pleasing, guilt & shame
–Dropping unnecessary guilt & shame for not being the perfect daughter / son to your family.

–Separating out what is your responsibility from your family’s responsibilities.

–Being able to discern, set & uphold boundaries, a healthy balance between individualism & collectivism, give generously but within your healthy limits, rather than over-giving, people-pleasing & burning out.

Impact on Emotional Wealth: increased emotional intelligence, processing & resilience
–Identifying and fully FEELING your emotions & what messages they have for you, instead of ignoring, numbing, compartmentalizing or distracting yourself.

–Being kind to yourself, allow yourself to feel fully and let it pass naturally, instead of forcing yourself to cheer up, forgive, or be a better person.

–Even in your worst moments, still being able to remember that you are OK, strong, deserving of good things, and able to get through anything.

–Being so grounded and rooted in your values, beliefs, missions or purpose that you will continue with a meaningful pursuit to you, no matter what obstacles knock you down.

Impact on Physical Health: better body & self-image, easier time with healthy habits
–Looking at yourself in the mirror and smile because you love what you see, not pick out the parts you hate like you used to.

–Enjoying seeing pictures & videos of yourself and hearing your own voice.

–Feeling comfortable in your body & grateful for its functionality, rather than being only focused on its appearance.

–Treating your body temple well, naturally choosing nourishing foods, avoiding toxins, and moving it as needed without needing to punish or stick to a strict regimen, and expend less unnecessary energy judging it because you’re focusing on how it feels, not how it looks.

Impact on Self-Care: better self-attunement & self-management
–Knowing when you are feeling tired, overwhelmed, stressed, or unwell, and change what you’re doing to tend to & take care of yourself.

–Being able to change your plans or your day without guilt if you are needing rest.

–Prioritizing the important things in your life; you will be able to figure out how to spend your time more meaningfully, joyfully & efficiently.

Impact on Self-Advocacy: better communication & assertiveness
–Identifying & speaking up about your needs, your true thoughts and feelings, and share them with your friends, family, boss, colleagues, and romantic partner.

–Speaking up to defend yourself when someone hurts you.

–Being more selective in deciding if something is worth your time and energy because you value them and see how precious and limited they are.

–Shaping your life into a way that suits you, rather than try to fit yourself in other people’s boxes or life’s boxes.

Impact on Energy levels: more energy, time, spaciousness in your schedule

–Problem-solving, making decisions & doing everything more easily, quickly & efficiently, because your energy isn’t used up worrying, beating yourself up, or second-guessing yourself.

–Barely thinking about past mistakes, regrets, or future worries, because you’re too busy actually living your most joyful and vibrant life.

–Honoring your natural energy cycles, working WITH them, rather than against them. Your schedule may be unconventional and entirely tailored/customized to YOU.

Impact on Risk-taking with new ventures, projects & lifestyles:
–Trying new things, even if they TERRIFY you, without judging yourself as not good enough to even try, worrying about the worst-case scenarios or what other people may think.

–Trusting yourself more & taking chances, which felt too paralyzing and scary to take before, knowing that most decisions in life are not fatal & reversible

–Doing projects that are meaningful to you without adding pressure of needing to do them a certain way or with a certain deadline.

If any or all of this sounds like you or results you’d love to have in your life,


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