WHAT IS THE BIRTH CONTROL RING? What is the birth control Ring?   The birth control Ring is a pretty good method. It’s 99.7% effective when used perfectly, but since you have to manage it yourself, there is room for error, so with typical use, it’s only 91% effective. It […]
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Hi! I'm Dr. Toni, a carTOONIst. I empower, educate and advocate for women and minorities through my art and coaching, while traveling nomadically. I help others also follow our hearts and live true to themselves, no matter what others say!
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Guest Isabel Lamar Relationship & Embodiment Coach - Accept THEN Achieve

Isabel is a somatic sexuality, women’s empowerment, relationships and leadership coach, and the host of the CLAIMED podcast. Isabel is a passionate entrepreneur, with her background in somatic psychotherapy, tantra, coaching, she offers a deep embodied expertise on pleasure and eroticism as a way of creating a more fulfilled life, with ourselves and in our relationships. She guides individuals and couples to embrace their natural magnetism and to feel safe to open up the body to experience more love, pleasure and abundance. Isabel is known for giving effortless permission to people to access their pleasure and ignite their erotic aliveness, and for the ripple effect that it has in all areas of their life.
  1. Guest Isabel Lamar Relationship & Embodiment Coach
  2. Ep 13: How I Wrote My Book in a Week & How You Can Beat Procrastination
  3. Ep 12: Guest Jeanne Teleia LMFT on Wild Whales & Dolphins Play Therapy
  4. Ep 11: Managing your Energy with a Crazy Schedule as an HSP & Introvert
  5. Ep 10: Guest Richelle Vawter Spiritual Healer
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