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  I’m so sorry for my radio silence this month!! A cluster of silly but unfortunate events all came at once (as they often seem to do).    I accidentally left my laptop charger in Berlin, and apparently many countries don’t sell Microsoft Surface Pro chargers. Shipping a new one […]
Phoenix Wright lawyer turning things around turnabout
One of my favorite games of all time is “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.” It is not an accurate translation from the Japanese origin – “Gyakuten Saiban,” (逆転裁判) which means “Turnaround Trials.” “Gyakuten” means reversal, comeback, turnaround, or change.   The heartwarming story’s hero is a defense attorney who is so […]
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Hi! I'm Dr. Toni, a carTOONIst. I empower, educate and advocate for women and minorities through my art and coaching, while traveling nomadically. I help others also follow our hearts and live true to themselves, no matter what others say!
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Ep 24: Guest Jen Randall MD on Quitting Medicine to Paint - Accept THEN Achieve

Guest Jen Randall MD shares her journey of leaving clinical medicine to paint and pass on the baton to med students.
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