robbery two ways to react pickpocket
There are always at least two ways to react to any situation. At the end of an otherwise perfect stay in Morocco, we had the unfortunate experience of being robbed and lied to, by none other than our very own AirBnB hosts, M and his wife Z. We had gotten […]
wealth is all relative 2 child beggars
After spending a bit longer than expected in Spain (hey, it was an AMAZING country!! I could easily spend years there!), I was psyched for the next leg of the adventure–taking a ferry across the Strait of Gilbraltar to Morocco! Boy, was it a fun start. A bit of culture […]
bullfighting animal rights matador
Warning: I wasn’t sure whether to write about this or not. This can be upsetting, so please skip or stop reading if you need to. Last week I had the unfortunate experience of stepping blindly into a bullfighting ring. As I passed by the stadium one day as I wandered […]
couchsurfing nomad
In my new life as a digital nomad, I tried out Couchsurfing for the first time last month, and then wondered, “How am I this late to the game?! Where has this been all our lives??” I had always thought of it as a somewhat sketchy service, a last resort […]
Phoenix Wright lawyer turning things around turnabout
One of my favorite games of all time is “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.” It is not an accurate translation from the Japanese origin – “Gyakuten Saiban,” (逆転裁判) which means “Turnaround Trials.” “Gyakuten” means reversal, comeback, turnaround, or change.   The heartwarming story’s hero is a defense attorney who is so […]
observatory matter of size
I started my journey in California, to visit old friends but also to explore one of my favorite states, where I would consider settling down, if I ever do. I’m pretty sure I have seasonal affective disorder, thus sunshine is extremely important to me. I have fondly been called “solar-powered,” […]
Who am I?
Hi! I'm Dr. Toni, a carTOONIst. I empower, educate and advocate for women and minorities through my art and coaching, while traveling nomadically. I help others also follow our hearts and live true to themselves, no matter what others say!
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