Summary: The story behind my life’s calling to help women and my “Shame-Free Sex Ed” course…it all started in a shady college dorm room with a flashlight and a plastic speculum… (part of my college Brown University’s “FemSex” Female Sexuality Workshop, which CHANGED MY LIFE)!! I always view my life […]
permanent birth control
PERMANENT BIRTH CONTROL What is Permanent Birth Control, or Sterilization? Just wanted to make a quick post on this since it is the only birth control so far that is available for BOTH women and men. (There are so many options available for women, but we are still working on […]
vaginal discharge vaginitis
WHAT’S THAT VAGINAL DISCHARGE? What is Vaginal Discharge? What’s normal and what’s not?? Vaginal discharge is fluid that comes out from the vagina. It’s very normal to have discharge — some women have more than others, and the color, amount, and type varies depending on where you are in your […]
WHAT IS “STEALTHING”? What is “Stealthing”? The term “Stealthing” came about recently, around 2014. Stealthing is the act of taking off or damaging a condom during sex WITHOUT the consent of the partner. Statistics report that 32% of women and 19% of MSM (Men who have Sex with Men) reported […]
clitoris cartoon clitbabe
WHAT IS FEMALE ANATOMY? What exactly is the Anatomy of females? What is the Clitoris?   I’m surprised how many myths and misunderstandings there are out there related to simple anatomy (the structure of the body)!   I think most sex education is incomplete. It focuses only on the internal […]
what are stis villains
WHAT ARE SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED INFECTIONS (STIS OR STDS)? What are Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs or STDs)??   Used to be called “Sexually Transmitted Diseases” but now “Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs),” these bad guys are just as they sound. They are spread through close contact, usually during sexual encounters, but not […]
WHAT IS ESTROGEN? What exactly is Estrogen and why is it important?   Estrogen is a natural hormone made by your body, along with Progesterone, Testosterone, and many others.   It does many important things, such as keeping your reproductive organs, skin, hair, and bones healthy. Without it, you could […]
WHAT IS A PAP SMEAR? WHAT IS A PAP SMEAR?   So you just turned 21, and it’s time for the dreaded “Pap Smear” at your doctor’s office.   WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!?!?!   Good question.   First off, why do we do it? It’s to check for and […]
IS THERE ANY BIRTH CONTROL WITHOUT HORMONES??   There are SO many options for you if you want birth control without hormones!   If you are nervous about how your body will react to added hormones, there are very low dose options such as the low-dose pills, such as Lo-Estrin, […]
WHAT IS EMERGENCY BIRTH CONTROL? (“THE MORNING AFTER PILL”, “PLAN B,” ETC)   Emergency birth control is just as it sounds. It’s used to try to prevent pregnancies in emergencies, like after you’ve had unprotected sex unexpectedly.   There are many cases where this could happen. The condom could have […]
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Ep 20: What IS Success?! How to Detox from Achieveritis (i.e. After Tiger Parenting) - Accept THEN Achieve

My presentation I've given in 5+ countries on how to detox from over-achieving for the sake of your mental health. You'll learn: -a fresh perspective on success -how to feel better & finally good enough NOW without needing to change anything in your external world -tips for filtering out what YOU authentically want for your life -tips for honoring your family AND yourself too, finding middle ground & having more peaceful relations Video version of this webinar here: Tame the Tiger Program:
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