Every nomad has their favorites, but this is my personal packing list, including must-have travel items!

As for a general packing list, I fit everything into a 4-wheeled carry-on suitcase and backpack so I don’t have to pay extra fees for bags on most airlines!!

I’m older now, and have back issues, so unfortunately can’t just do backpacks alone. I usually stack my backpack on top of my suitcase and roll it around.

I pack enough clothing for 1 week so I can do laundry less frequently. Sometimes that can stretch out to longer with hacks such as turning clothes inside-out and re-wearing them, using light pads or panti-liners on underwear, and not wearing socks when possible (another reason why I loooove warm weather! Open-toed shoes give my feet such a feeling of freedom!)

— 6 pairs of underwear
— 4 bras (3 sport and 1 regular)
— 1 swimsuit
— 5 pairs of socks
— 4 T-shirts
— 1 long-sleeve shirt
— 1 tank-top
— 4 dresses (1 is so comfy that I can wear it as a nightgown)
— 2 pairs of shorts
— 1 pair of quick-drying, lightweight hiking pants (can turn into shorts by unzipping the bottoms)
— 1 sweatshirt
— 1 pair of yoga pants
— 2 lightweight sun jackets (to layer if it gets cold)
— 1 pair of leggings
— 2 shoulder wraps (to wear with dresses + extra layers)
— 1 lightweight down jacket (short)
— 1 lightweight down jacket (long)

— 1 pair of flipflops
— 1 pair of fancy sandals
— 1 pair of exercise/hiking shoes

— eye mask
— ear plugs
— wide-brimmed light hat for sun
— sunglasses (or tinted eyeglasses)
tiny umbrella
— lightweight, portable external USB charger for phone, etc
universal electric outlet adapter to use in ALL countries
— snacks (dense and compact i.e. bars, jerky)
— Nalgene or other re-usable water bottle
— 1 combo lock to secure bags in hostels or shared rooms
— notebook + pen/pencil
self-standing travel neck pillow for sleeping on flights
— waterproof case for swimming with phone (or use plastic bag!)
USB thumb drive (I carry a laptop around for work, but it’s always crucial to have a backup plan. I also use online backups (i.e. Google Drive, Google Photos (unlimited storage))
— earbuds
tiny MP3 player (exercising is a pain with a phone, and playing music on my phone can be draining to the battery, so I like to keep my music in a separate, tiny MP3 player)
— extra plastic bags (re-use for groceries, laundry, shoes, etc)

— toothbrush and paste
— floss
— mouthwash
— facial cleanser
— comb/brush
— nail clipper (OFTEN FORGOTTEN!)
— razor
— hand sanitizer
— alcohol pads
— band-aids (SO USEFUL!!)
— feminine pads
— tissues
— lotion
— face moisturizer/BB cream/sunscreen with SPF 30+
— other makeup (eyebrow brush, colored lip balm)
— meds (Tylenol, Ibuprofen, allergy pills)

Other tricks:
— vacuum-sealed bags to compress clothes (automatic)
— heated vests so you need fewer winter layers!
— heated gloves

Creative tips/use of items for other functions:
— eye-mask as a hairband to hold back hair
— socks as gloves
— rubber bands as hair-ties
— full water bottle or umbrella as weapon (pepper spray is not allowed in carry-on bags!)
— nail clippers as scissors
— underwear/bra as swimsuit
— colored lip balm as makeup
— use plastic bags or buy travel-size storage containers for toiletries!
— floss to cut bread or soft items

Random Tips:
— get BRIGHTLY/UNUSUAL colored things so it’ll be harder to misplace them!
— if you find yourself caught in the rain, you can wear plastic bags over your shoes to keep then dry!

That’s it for my must-have travel items! YES THEY ALL FIT IN ONE BACKPACK + ONE CARRYON SUITCASE!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into my quirky world! Take what you find useful and happy travels!! ^_^

Happy to chat anytime if you want to try to meet up or coordinate traveling! Always excited to meet fellow nomads! <3<3<3