What IS coaching? There are so many coaches out there, it’s become a sort of umbrella term.

The way I’d describe my coaching is: I guide you to creating the BEST relationship you possibly can, with the one person you’ll be spending the rest of your life with: yourself.

Do you ever second-guess yourself? Or feel empty, stuck, lost, guilty, or ashamed?

You may have a “successful” life many are jealous of. You’ve achieved goals and checked off the boxes.

But deep down, something feels off.

You feel anxious, on edge, chronically discontent or tired. Your energy levels are low. You have to drag yourself out of bed. You can’t look yourself in the eye in the mirror.

You’re not sure anymore if this is a life you really want, or you’ve just gotten here on autopilot somehow.

You dread waking up each day to more of the same, but you’re afraid it’s “too late” to make a change.

Dear friend, I was JUST there myself 8 years ago!!!!

I didn’t feel worthy or “enough.” I was too fat, sloppy, shy, awkward, weird. I didn’t believe in myself or trust any of my own decisions.

So I allowed myself to be told what to do with my life by my Asian family, who had made so many sacrifices to immigrate to America.

I put my head down and obeyed, because I didn’t trust myself, and I also desperately wanted to feel loved and accepted, to show my gratitude and honor their sacrifices.

I had to keep achieving (salutatorian, Ivy League grad, medical school), and not disappoint anyone. My family’s love seemed conditional. As long as I remained a doctor, I could stay in their good graces and pretend everything was fine.

Even when the medical training path was abusive, and brought so many to the brink of suicide, I didn’t trust my instincts telling me to get out.

It took so so many years to get out of that dark hole!!

Now everything’s changed.

I’ve learned to truly value and care for myself. I fully accept myself for who I am, flaws and all.

I’ve found my inner voice that guides my decisions, instead of looking to others for choices that are not right for me, or doing things only because they are norms or “societally acceptable.”

I proudly EMBRACE my unique WEIRDNESS.

I deeply trust that I can consciously create the life I really want, no matter how impossible it may seem.

I now live true to my heart, doing work that lights me up, in the lifestyle I’ve always dreamt of (traveling the world as a nomad), and my relationships (with myself and others) are better than they ever have been.

I no longer feel shame and guilt about changing careers after investing so much in it or still being single in my 30s.

I feel pride for who I am, my unique story, gifts, and experiences. I no longer betray my own values to please others, because I’m no longer desperate for external validation because I approve of myself.

I’ve found an inner joy and peace that I can access regardless of the circumstances, and my inner confidence that these things do not define me or take away from my inherent worthiness.

I am fully thriving and open to life, blissfully enjoying its blessings but not craving or attached to certain results in order to be happy.

If I could do it, so can YOU.

You DESERVE a life you LOVE. That you wake up EXCITED to get to enjoy yet another day.

I’m especially passionate about helping Asians and other Over-Achievers, with cultural pressures to Achieve in order to be worthy, rather than Accepting our uniquely beautiful selves just as we are, and women, who are societally pressured to be over-givers and people-pleasers.

If you are struggling, please reach out. Send me an email or schedule a call.

I’ll help you identify what you really want from life and what’s still holding you back.

We’ll create a customized action plan and I’ll be your guide and biggest cheerleader every step of the way.

Through deep conversation, powerful questions, and holistic body work, you will experience deep unearthing of your true self.

You will learn to identify what YOU truly want and separate from what others want or what is expected of you.

Your life will be full of more peace, joy, and love, no matter what your circumstances. Your career will feel meaningful, and your relationships will thrive.

You will re-build your self-worth, self-love and trust that you can do ANYTHING that you set your mind to. And thus create your most authentic and vibrant life <3

You already have everything you need inside of you to live the life of your dreams.

My coaching will help you draw them out and take action on them!

Please never apologize for being you!! There is and only ever will be one YOU, and that person is to be celebrated, not criticized, shamed, boxed in, or hidden!

It’s safe to shine. It is time.

Schedule a complimentary consultation with me below. We’ll uncover the blind spots holding you back and I’ll refer you to resources customized for your unique situation.