Summary: Reflections from my unexpected visit of my parents due to a new health scare). I’m writing this on the plane back to Thailand. I had made an unexpected trip back to the US to visit and help out my mom with her new unexpected health scare. (I had gone […]
Summary: Reflections on ways I’ve realized I’ve grown, and how 2022 was one of the biggest years yet. It’s been a loooong time since my last post. Thank you for still being here if you’re reading! I’d been sharing on social media and within my private Facebook community Acceptsians: Self-Acceptance […]
Summary: This past year I vowed to take a Heart Sabbatical – to intentionally stay single in order to get to know myself better and not risk falling into the trap of caretaking & nurturing a partner instead of myself. This involved not actively search for a partner despite my […]
meditation retreat
Summary: my epiphanies and realizations from my 21-day silent meditation retreat in Thailand. I just finished a 21-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat at Wat Chom Thong, a Buddhist monastery near Chiang Mai, Thailand, and my mind is blown. I had never really meditated before, and I chose to throw myself […]
internet scam phone
Summary: This month’s travel mishap – I fell prey to an internet scam by a “Paypal tech support.” Last month I finally mustered the courage to go back on the nomad road. I moved cross-country from NY to Las Vegas. It’s been a forever dream of mine to explore out […]
Summary: How a random conversation with a stranger brought me to tears in realizing my patterns of perfectionism and FOMO. Since I just recently became a life coach, I was always excited to meet other coaches and learn from them. I was playing tennis with a neighbor’s son, an old […]
we are one
Summary: What current events have taught me, and given me further insights into why I travel. I travel to be educated, to be humbled, to learn, because I know we are one. I don’t want to be stuck in my own bubble of a country. Like many others, I’ve found […]
digital nomad's home
Summary: My thoughts on the value of a “home,” and what a digital nomad’s home means. Just got off the phone with Dr. Mo of Digital Nomad Physician and feeling super inspired!! He is living life on his own terms and pursuing all his passions. Financial independence and early retirement […]
I still shudder as I write this… It’s been over a month, but the wound is still raw. I experienced one of the worst traveler’s nightmares–bed bugs. I stayed with a lovely couple in Hungary for just 2 nights, who also rented out their second floor rooms to visitors. They […]
live in the present
  I’m so sorry for my radio silence this month!! A cluster of silly but unfortunate events all came at once (as they often seem to do).    I accidentally left my laptop charger in Berlin, and apparently many countries don’t sell Microsoft Surface Pro chargers. Shipping a new one […]
Who am I?
Hi! I'm Dr. Toni, a carTOONIst. I empower, educate and advocate for women and minorities through my art and coaching, while traveling nomadically. I help others also follow our hearts and live true to themselves, no matter what others say!
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Ep 15: Guilt vs. "Fuilt" (Fake Guilt) & Taking Up Your Own Unique Shape - Accept THEN Achieve

How to distinguish between real vs. fake guilt and take up your own space & unique shape rather than simply filling in the cracks leftover from others who had "first dibs.". . Inspired by this podcast ep on how to lose half your guilt: . My "Tame the Tiger" program (3 tiers of support for full accessibility): . My book "WHY YOU NO DOCTOR ANYMORE?! Honoring Your Family AND Yourself Too":
  1. Ep 15: Guilt vs. "Fuilt" (Fake Guilt) & Taking Up Your Own Unique Shape
  2. Ep 14: Guest Isabel Lamar Relationship & Embodiment Coach
  3. Ep 13: How I Wrote My Book in a Week & How You Can Beat Procrastination
  4. Ep 12: Guest Jeanne Teleia LMFT on Wild Whales & Dolphins Play Therapy
  5. Ep 11: Managing your Energy with a Crazy Schedule as an HSP & Introvert
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